Insurance Company Secrets

Not all insurance adjusters are mean and sneaky. But let's face it insurance adjusters have a job to do. Here are some secret tricks that insurance companies may use against you.

They Tell You That You Don't Need an Attorney

People tell me all the time the reason they let so much time go before they contacted me was because the insurance company adjuster told them they did not need an attorney or that an attorney would cost too much. If you were injured in an accident that requires medical attention you likely need an experienced attorney to make sure you get the money you deserve for your injuries. Studies have shown that people who hire an attorney get, on average, much more money than people who don't hire an attorney to protect their legal rights.
At my office you will never pay me a penny out of your pocket. I never get paid a fee unless I collect money for you. In addition, my fee is only 25% of what I collect for you before a lawsuit is settled. Most attorneys charge 33% or more to represent you. This means more money for you. For these reasons it's important not to let the insurance adjuster trick you into taking a quick settlement for far less than your claim is worth. Contact my office for a free, no obligation case evaluation as soon as possible.

They Delay Paying You Money for Your Injuries

Insurance adjusters know that injury victims are usually in a financial pinch. Insurance companies are smart enough to know that the longer they delay paying you, the more desperate the injured person will become. The more difficult life becomes and the more threatened the plaintiff is with the loss of a home, loss of a car, or difficulty paying utility and phone bills, the greater the chance that the injured person will just give up prematurely and settle the case for pennies of what they deserve.

They Request Unnecessary Information

Before settling a claim many insurance adjusters will tell you that they need one last piece of documentation or a recorded statement to finish their evaluation. Many times, this is just one more way for the insurance company to delay the case or to try to get some information that will possibly lower the value of your claim. Knowing what the insurance adjuster has a right to receive is very important in order to get a fair settlement.

They Act Like They are Your Friend

Some of the insurance adjusters are very nice and treat you with respect. However, it is important to remember that the insurance adjuster is not your friend and their job is to pay you as little money as possible. Some insurance adjusters call you or come to your house to trick you into thinking that you can trust them and that they will take good care of you. I have seen many injured people settle their claims for a lot less than it was worth because they believed what the insurance adjuster told them.