How Much Does it Cost?

You hear the phrases "free legal evaluation" and "no fee" all the time, but what does that really mean?

So many law firms claim to offer "free" services, so it's easy to assume that it couldn't be true. No fee? Let me explain...

Free Legal Evaluation - No Obligation

A free legal evaluation? Is there a catch? For the past 20 years my office has helped thousands of people collect millions of dollars for the following types of cases:

At my office, a "free legal evaluation" is exactly that. You tell me the details about your situation, and I will tell you if I think you have a case. If I don't think you have a case or can handle it on your own, I will tell you that too.

My office provides this service absolutely free - no strings attached. You aren't obligated to use my law firm, and you owe me nothing for your free legal evaluation.

There Really is Never a Fee Unless We Get Money For You

Some law firms charge their clients up front. At my office we operate on a "contingent fee" basis, which means I won't charge you a penny unless and until I win your case.

At the Callahan Law Offices we make every effort to resolve your injury claim as soon as possible by negotiating with the other person's insurance company. If I am able to collect money for you without filing a lawsuit my fee is only 25% of what is recovered for you. Most law firms charge 33% or more of your recovery. My fee means more money in your pocket.

You may not be sure whether you have a case or what your case is worth, but the only way you can lose is if you don't take action now. If your injury gets worse or you don't get better, will you be able to support yourself or provide a secure future for your family?