Do I Have a Case?

Most of us would be angry, frustrated, and stressed if we (or someone we love) were injured in an accident.

Those medical bills don't pay themselves. And how are you supposed to make ends meet if you can't work? But the most common question that everyone asks is: Do I have a case?

At Callahan Law Offices, we have an answer. Let my office tell you if you may have a case. All you have to do is call (800) 338-0025 or simply fill out the case evaluation form. There's no obligation, and it's absolutely free.

Factors that Determine Whether You Have a Case

Every case, every accident, and every person is different. Determining whether you have a case depends on details like:

  • Your injuries or illness
  • Whether you were hospitalized
  • If you needed, or will need, surgery
  • If there is permanent damage to your health or scarring
  • Whether you may have medical problems in the future because of what happened to you
  • If you missed work because of your injury or disability and didn't get paid
  • Who was at fault
  • Insurance coverage details
  • And more

What Happens if I Have a Case?

So you have a case - now what? Whatever you do, don't try to take matters into your own hands. The problem is that the legal system can be complicated and confusing, leaving you in exactly the same place as you were before. If you don't hire an experienced attorney, you will likely regret it.

  • The person or company at fault will have a lawyer on their side.
  • Their insurance company will try to offer you much less than you deserve, or get you to sign papers that aren't in your best interest.
  • Figuring out your medical bills and handling all the legal paperwork is a big hassle.
  • The entire process is confusing, which means you have opportunities to mess up at every turn.

What Callahan Law Offices Can Do For You

When you hire Callahan Law Offices, you can rest easier knowing you're taking the right steps. Attorney Michael Callahan has helped thousands of accident victims, injured workers, and people with disabilities get the money they desperately need to move on with their lives.

You've dealt with enough already. Our office can take the worries off your hands - so you can focus on your health. If you're not sure hiring a lawyer is worth it remember if we don't get a settlement or verdict in your favor, you won't owe us a penny.

Get Started with a Free Case Review Now

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